Our Lineup

Greenage is our take on the Gose style. This tart wheat beer is bright, crisp, and refreshing. The interplay of salt, lime, coriander, and cilantro works very well. Goin’ green…Greenage.

ABV 4.8


Moneypenny is a balanced ESB. English-variety malt, hops, and yeast are used in this ale. We like to think that if Miss Moneypenny ever lands a date with Bond, she orders a proper pint of Extra Special Bitter leaving him to question his devotion to martinis. 

ABV 6.0

“I’m the money.
Every penny of it.”

This Perfect Day is a hybrid IPA between West Coast and New England, leaning towards the NE. If you dropped a pin on the U.S. IPA style map, it would probably land somewhere in Illinois. Belma, Amarillo, and El Dorado hops provide the juicy, fruit-forward flavors and aroma, while Bonlander Munich malt helps tie it together.

ABV 7.5

It’s always a perfect day for an IPA

Milky Way After Midnight is luscious and silky-smooth. This Milk Stout is brewed to have plenty of chocolate flavor without using any form of the delicious bean itself. Notes of caramel swirl through the chocolate thanks to a healthy addition of caramel malts.

ABV 5.4

Best enjoyed while gazing up at the cosmos

Firelight is a lively and crisp Pale Lager not devoid of character. Vienna, Caramel, and Floor-Malted Bohemian Pilsner malts provide a complex base and soft amber hue. It’s generously dry hopped, giving the nose bright, floral aromas.

ABV 5.5

Illumination for Lager Lovers

We owe a lot to Burondo. It was our first original recipe and it still excites us. This Blonde Ale is easy-drinking and gets its unique lemon and herbal characteristics from Sorachi Ace hops. Burondo is Japanese for blonde and Sorachi Ace hops come from Japan. See what we did there?

ABV 5.3


Drei Hexen is German for Three Witches. Witches often appear in groups of three in both old and new tales. This Berliner-Style Weisse’s group of three is Sour, Strawberry & Spearmint. Boldly beguiling and devilishly drinkable; the drei hexen will enchant you if you let them and soon have you under their spell.

ABV 4.3

Take part in the prophecy of the three witches